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In 1925, this mountain Uludağ was formed with the community of Osman Şevki Bey, who was prominent in Bursa Vi. In 1933, a hotel and a regular road were built in Uludağ, one of our tourism paradises.

Tarihi Cinar

It is possible to have a pleasant sound in the summer, whose sycamores defy the centuries and tell the stories of this Ottoman Empire. One of the prominent elements of Gölyazı, one of the latest Bursa Tourism locomotives, the 750-year-old Crying Ki will lead you to an impossible project.


Cekirge was entirely the foundation village of Sultan Murat I. There were 136 households in 1848 and 180 in 1895. Until the 20th century, it was known as Hüdavendigar village. Sultan Murat I, known as Hüdavendigar; He is the son of Orhan Gazi and the third of the Ottoman sultans.


History. Its establishment coincides with approximately 1300's. The historical texture of the village, which was established as a foundation village, has been very well preserved and examples of rural civil architecture of the early Ottoman period have survived to the present day. Due to this feature, it has become a very interesting and visited settlement.


The construction of the existing tower started on August 2, 1904, and was completed on August 31, 1905. It was put into service with a ceremony by the Governor Reşit Mümtaz Pasha in honor of Abdülhamit's accession to the throne.


Soğanlı Zoo (Bursa Zoo) is a European standard zoo that was opened for use in Bursa in 1998. Animal shelters in Bursa Zoo are organized as living naturally. It is the leading road in the slum area on Izmir - Istanbul.

Grand Mosque

Grand Mosque; The City of All Mosques Built in the Ottoman Empire Period is on Atatürk Street. It was built by Yıldırım Bayezid, one of the Ottoman sultans, and was completed in 1400. Its architect is thought to be Ali Neccar.

Kapali Carsi

The bazaar, which burned down in 1958, was rebuilt; not as a single storey as in the first case; The ground floor, streets and roads from the bottom were built as two shops and upper floors of shops. The top of the bazaar is covered in a modern way.I.

Green Mosque

Green Mosque - Bursa. The mosque in the green facility was built by Çelebi Sultan Mehmed in 1419. Yeşil Mosque, which is one of the mosques with an “inverted T” plan, is one of the most beautiful old structures of Bursa as well as. The architect of the mosque is Hacı İvaz Pasha.

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