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Termal is a district of Yalova province. The town of Termal, which is the district center, is 12 km from the city of Yalova. It takes its name from the thermal springs here. It is an important tourism center that hosts many tourists in its world-famous thermal springs. The town of Termal is a new settlement


It is possible to have a pleasant sound in the summer, whose sycamores defy the centuries and tell the stories of this Ottoman Empire. One of the prominent elements of Gölyazı, one of the latest Bursa Tourism locomotives, the 750-year-old Crying Ki will lead you to an impossible project.

Sudusen Selalesi

Located 8 kilometers from Üvezpınar Village in Termal District, Sudüşen Waterfall and its surroundings offer a magnificent feast to nature lovers. The road leading to the waterfall is a comfortable and natural walking track, and it is heavily preferred by local and foreign tourists during the summer months. On the way to the waterfall, a unique dam lake, the view of the Marmara Sea and a wide variety of forest fauna are encountered, which is used as a photo safari, nature walk and picnic area. Panorama Hill is 120 meters high from the sea and covered with green vegetation in all seasons, it is an area with very beautiful views.


History. Its establishment coincides with approximately 1300's. The historical texture of the village, which was established as a foundation village, has been very well preserved and examples of rural civil architecture of the early Ottoman period have survived to the present day. Due to this feature, it has become a very interesting and visited settlement.


The construction of the existing tower started on August 2, 1904, and was completed on August 31, 1905. It was put into service with a ceremony by the Governor Reşit Mümtaz Pasha in honor of Abdülhamit's accession to the throne.


Soğanlı Zoo (Bursa Zoo) is a European standard zoo that was opened for use in Bursa in 1998. Animal shelters in Bursa Zoo are organized as living naturally. It is the leading road in the slum area on Izmir - Istanbul.

Yalova Sahil

Cifte Sahil

Cinarcik Sahil

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