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Sapanca Tour


The foundation of the central municipality Köseköy goes back to the 1600s. However, when we look at the historical artifacts and tombs belonging to the Roman and Byzantine periods that have been unearthed in the excavations made from time to time, it can be said that the foundation of Köseköy dates back to the 1600s and started with Bithynia.


Maşukiye Village was founded in the 1860s. After the Caucasian-Russian Wars, the Circassian tribes living in and around today's Sochi came and settled in today's Maşukiye Village to establish close relations with the Ottoman Palace. Among the incoming Circassians, the founder of the village is known as Murat Bey.

Sapanca Lake

Sapanca Lake is a tectonic freshwater lake formed by the filling of the bowls formed as a result of the movement of the earth's crust with water. Like other tectonic lakes in our country, Sapanca Lake is a lake that follows the fault zone where the earth's crust is still active.

ATV and Zeppelin

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